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About us


About us


We are here to give you some exciting answers to the toughest questions you might have. "What should I put on THIS wall?" is surely one of them. If you are looking for something more than just covering up THAT wall, feel free to choose that unique image from our Accent Wallpaper collection that will make all the difference. Our range is meant to put the finest art creations on your wall and tell a story that is entirely bespoke. UV-printed on the best available materials, they will stand the test of time and leave a lasting memory of the best choices of your life!

An Accent Wallpaper is an image created by a designer and produced on superior wallpaper material to accentuate, illuminate and transform certain wall surfaces in any living space.
We can call it wall art, mural, contemporary wall paper, creative wall covering but it is simply graphics created from scratch, with a unique personality and a story to tell that will do much more than just decorating a wall using a repetitive pattern: it will give the place its liveliness and emotion. Because even staring at a wall can be engaging!

The entire collection of wallpaper murals was exclusively created by our team of designers and are produced in Transilvania with great care and passion, using the best available materials. Surely, any design can be adjusted to fit any dimensions and is ready for delivery in max 10 working days from the moment you submit your order.