Have you ever dreamed of making a room appear larger than it actually is?

Whenever a room needs more visual space, there is a wallpaper mural to save the situation. We have prepared for you wallpaper mural ideas that will help make rooms appear more spacious than they really are.

3D pattern

If you want to create an accent wall in your interior or visually expand your space, 3D patterned wallpaper murals are an ideal choice.


Add an extra dimension to your room with layered designs. The repeated use of multi-layer shapes wallpaper murals gives the feeling that space is expanding along the wall.

Moving feeling

We have put together a selection of designs that will add a sense of movement to your space and will enjoy an open space and enhance any decorating scheme you have in mind. If you want something fresh but with bright colors, we recommended the Diafano wallpaper mural, if you are a drama lover you can choose the Gradient wallpaper mural.

Windows and frames

Would you like to add an unusual and mysterious accent to your space? Use murals with frames and windows and what’s behind them – they make the room feel more spacious than it actually is and makes every viewer curious about what might be behind it.