This year, our team have explored their own expression of hobby inspired patterns in an exciting new collection, including a chess mural that we absolutely love.


Taking inspiration from the main pieces of a chessboard, we’ve hand-painted a glorious wallpaper that pushes the boundaries of wallpaper design.

The Chess? Yes! features a mix of chess pieces that places art and hobby on a patterned canvas so that the walls in any chess lover’s home can now showcase their true passion.


The incredibly detailed monochromatic design isn’t just suitable for a chess lover’s home, though. This can be a great choice when looking to introduce a cool, masculine theme into a home office, a hobby room, or the living room of someone who values strategical thinking above all else.


What we had in mind when we sketched this mural was a typical male sanctuary that provides privacy, a retreat for our beloved men from the daily life. But the truth is, the Chess? Yes! mural would help to create a classic theme and look great anywhere from homes to offices to cafes and restaurants. Its versatile design allows it to impress in any space while building a sophisticated aura.

Want it in a different colour palette? We can make that happen, too. It’s really as simple as that: you provide the challenge, we take care of the rest!