Let’s face it, we are surrounded by walls. And when it comes to decorating our walls, we usually think of two options: wallpaper or piece of art. But what if we told you we can create a wallpaper that is a work of art in itself? Let’s call it Accent Wallpaper from now on and use it as a magic spell to nicely transform your home, office, restaurant or café.

At Accent Wall, we sketch wallpapers with patterns in mind and develop designs that are totally unique. Nothing about this journey is easy, but we do enjoy every single moment of it.

How did it all begin?

It all started with a dream – a dream to put the finest art creations on a wall and make it tell a story that is entirely bespoke. When it came to the first wallpaper design, our inspiration went global. We looked at the world’s most extraordinary flowers of different shapes and colors, and gracefully hand-painted them, capturing their essence in the tiniest detail.

The next step…

The next step was to carefully scan the hand-painted flowers to reproduce every stroke of the painter’s hand. We cut out the pieces that combined eventually to create a gorgeous composition.

Not content with just putting together random floral patterns, we experimented during the making process, framing them in Victorian arched antique window frames. Our mouths drew open in astonishment. A Victorian garden arose out of the blue. You could almost hear the classical music flowing from one balcony to another while enjoying your tea on a lovely sunny morning…

Accent Wallpaper - Victorian Garden - the making of
And then…

We UV-printed the first Victorian Garden wallpaper to hang on our wall. We recreated patterns and designs in bespoke eye-catching quality and that’s in fact what we do with every single wallpaper mural you want us to design for you.

All you have to do is browse our collection of wallpaper murals here, measure both the height and width of your wall, enter the measurements into our online calculator and place your order. Any design can be easily adjusted to suit your specifications and is delivered within 10 working days from the moment you submit the order.

It’s really as simple as that: you provide the challenge, we take care of the rest!